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Six Secrets To Super Self Esteem – Secret Six

Six Secrets To Super Self Esteem - Secret Six 1Secret Six to Super Self Esteem: Find, connect with, and love your inner child.

Your inner child is the opening door to your psychological and spiritual well being as an adult. How can this be? Your core beliefs about yourself, others, and life are formed during your childhood.  You have been unconsciously acting out your core beliefs your entire life. How you act, react, feel, communicate, and choose are all a reflection of the core beliefs you took on in childhood. (To learn more about how this works read Your Original Programming on the Home page of my website,

Once you connect with your inner child and upgrade or heal any self defeating core beliefs you will discover your true nature. You will discover the hidden joy your inner child embraces. You will discover your worthiness, your sense of safety, and your innate lovability. You will discover what you always wanted to experience: peace of mind.

It may seem strange that your self esteem as an adult can be directly related to something you thought you put behind long ago. The subconscious mind does not have a sense of time. Those experiences you had as a child, for better or for worse, are alive and active beneath your consciousness. And those old forgotten experiences are affecting you even as you are reading this.

Find your inner child. This may require you seek counseling with someone who specializes in inner child work. Once you have found your inner child seek to connect with his/her feelings, thoughts, and reactions. Heal those old upsetting experiences by loving that little one inside you. A good counselor will show you how. Once you have found this part of yourself, love this precious part of yourself. Your love will bring out the wisdom and joy that an innocent child possesses. Your self esteem will expand. Your spirit will rise. You will find new wonderful truths about yourself.

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