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Give People A Break

I have thought for a long time that relationships are one of the greatest challenges in life. We are all in the process of coming to realize who we really are as divine beings and to some degree are lacking in wisdom and understanding of ourselves. In other words we are human beings constantly making human mistakes. To make matters worse we find reason to judge others harshly for their human mistakes. Even a little mistake can be expanded in our imagination to mean much more than its intention. This is because of our own unresolved fears and self defeating core beliefs that get projected into our experience. For example, if you carry any unresolved thoughts about your worthiness you may interpret another person’s poor manners as meaning that they don’t think of you as worthy of good manners. This can cause you a lot of pain and cause you to judge, reject, or criticize yourself and the other person. In fact, you can project poor manners onto another person whose manners are fine. My friend, give yourself and others a break. You are worthy. Come to realize that and you can put up with a lot of human mistakes. Your own mistakes and the mistakes of others can take on a new perspective. I think the best defense against the mistake of judging is to become aware of your own divinity. Hidden behind your judgments of yourself is a wonderful person. You are a child of God and that is your basic make up. Come to realize this and you will find joy and love others in spite of their humanness.

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