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Baptism of Fire

Dear One I sense you are going through a trial. I promised that you could keep your secrets without my challenging you. I do hope you reach out for my help. I have compassion for what you are going through. I’m reminded of the lyrics in the song, Baptism Of Fire. It goes something like this: “Baptism of fire. Never knew what that meant but now the flames are rising higher. I guess I haven’t seen anything yet. And now it’s comin’ down around me but I am rising up.  The truth it resurrected ringing loud and true. Only way out is through. Baptism of fire all happening within. Illusions burn like tall grass in a wild and restless wind. Only way out is through. All the detours taken never lead you home. What a maze you find yourself in and still alone. Well, you wanted it to be easy so the truth eluded you. Only way out is through. Only way out is through.” Dear One don’t run from it. Face it in your own time. You can slay the dragon and doing so conquer your fear. You can face it. You have survived up to now. You are safe to face it. The Great Loving Wise One is embracing you even as you read this.

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