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Cheerful Cooperation

Dear Ones you just returned from sharing a week end retreat in the mountains. Any time people come together for any length of time there is always an opportunity for someone to misinterpret a behavior, find some fault in a person’s actions, or take personally some innocent act. Instead you were consistently  cheerful, cooperative, and generous in all you did. One of life’s most important lessons is to learn even mindedness and to anchor one’s identity within the self in an awareness of spirituality immortality. This allows for cheerful cooperation and an enthusiastic participation in all relationships. When you sat down for discussion you spoke of these things and more. You asked questions that opened the door for deeper discussion and offered opportunity for spiritual and personal growth.  You were respectful and listened with interest what the others were saying. You allowed for others to have the “stage” and at the same time you asked for time on the “stage” also. All you did up there at that retreat can only serve you in your every day life. You lived and enjoyed the results of cheerful cooperation. Is it also not true that when people are respectful and kind with each other that that energy is somehow passed on to others even though they were not present?

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