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Are You A Victim Of Someone’s Self-Invented Resentment?

Dear One sometimes you may intuitively know that one of your acquaintances is one of those people who takes things personally. You may intuit that they may misinterpret or even unconsciously invent an incident that will cause them to be upset with you. You may know them to be petty in their grievances toward others. They may be one of those people who doesn’t talk about what bothers them but instead lets their negative emotion and resentment build. You may also know that this person will withhold any discussion and then punish you through withdrawal and/or verbal attack. And even though you have no tangible evidence to show, you intuitively know that this acquaintance is in the process of doing this right now with you. It’s a bad feeling and you don’t know what to do. You’re afraid that if you ask them if something is wrong that they will take offense and the problem will be made bigger or even worse perhaps they will use that as an opportunity to dump their negative thoughts and emotions on to you. You’re afraid that if you don’t say anything that you will be poisoned by your own anxiety while waiting for the other shoe to drop. This is an opportunity for you to learn the valuable lesson of non-attachment to other’s dramas and negative energy. Reaffirm within yourself your own worthiness and focus on being even minded. Accept that people are flawed and ask for guidance from within as to how best deal with your acquaintance.

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