​Call To Adventure: Online ​Workshop


​Call To Adventure

Created by

Dr. Wendy Hill

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​This self-paced, online workshop is a tour de force in personal development ​and growth!

Created by

Dr. Wendy Hill

Get unlimited access to her innovative program

​Discover ​This Life Changing ​​Workshop

Transformational ​Videos, ​Processes, Compelling Questions,​ Meditations, and Original Music

Discover an online workshop unlike anything you have ever experienced

​What is the Call to Adventure? The call is your excitement, bravery, and willingness to participate in writing the story of your life. Dr. Wendy Hill, PhD draws upon 45 years of clinical practice with advanced psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in the Call to Adventure self-paced personal development program. This interactive course will challenge you and inspire you to claim what is rightfully yours - your best life!

Dr. Wendy specializes in transforming self-defeating core beliefs ​into beliefs that create happy, healthy, adult experience.

​Who Is ​This​ ​Personal Development ​Program ​For?

​People who want to:

  • ​Want to take charge of their Life
  • ​Improve their level of success and happiness
  • ​Change a self-defeating belief or behavior
  • ​Want to develop their spirituality
  • Heal their inner child


About ​Dr. Wendy

Wendy Hill, PhD is a psychotherapist and certified clinical hypnotherapist based in Encinitas, California. Dr. Wendy has been in practice for over ​40 years. She focuses on core belief transformation and inner child healing. She has a Masters Degree and a Ph.D. in Human Behavior. Wendy specializes in advanced clinical hypnotherapy, identifying and transforming subconscious self-defeating core beliefs that cause life’s most common challenges and conflicts.  She is skilled in treating depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship problems, self-esteem, and life challenges. She is competent in core belief transformation, inner child healing, regression, and communication.​


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