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How to Resolve Personal Problems

We create our own life experiences through the millions of choices, large and small, that we make every day, year after year. These choices are often made unconsciously and are based on our core beliefs about ourselves, others, and life. The problems in our lives and in our relationships are created from our self-defeating core … Read more

Shame and the Power of Self Observation

If you would observe yourself non-judgementally for a day, you would be amazed! Your perception of yourself and of others would automatically be changed for the better. If such positive change can be achieved so simply, why don’t more people do it? Actually self-observation is not easy to do. This is because of the shame … Read more

See The Child in Others and Set Your Self Free

What you see in people determines how you will respond. Most people allow the attitudes, actions, and feelings of others to determine their response. If you allow your responses to be determined by another, you are robbing yourself of your personal freedom. You automatically prevent yourself from doing what is truly in your heart. If … Read more


Loneliness is a fact of life. Loneliness is not just the result of being alone. It can be felt while with another or with many. Loneliness is the resulting experience of separation from the self. Until you have learned to connect continuously with your essential Self, you are prone to loneliness. Most deal with loneliness … Read more

True Friendship

True friendship can be the highest form of human relationship. True friendship can be found among lovers and platonic relationships alike. All true friendships must be based on a shared vision that is higher in purpose than the individuals themselves. The vision should include mutual support for search for the essential Self. The vision must … Read more