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True Friendship

True friendship can be the highest form of human relationship. True friendship can be found among lovers and platonic relationships alike. All true friendships must be based on a shared vision that is higher in purpose than the individuals themselves. The vision should include mutual support for search for the essential Self. The vision must be put into action in everyday life. The vision must be more important to the individuals than the friendship itself. It is, in fact, this that makes the friendship strong.

In all communication between the friends the vision holds first. All communications strive toward respect, desire to give, desire to learn, humility, and patience. Time spent together can be very simple. There may be times of silence, mutual appreciation of nature or the arts, even though the individuals may have very busy lives.

Personal talents, intellect, achievements, material wealth, and social skills are considered of secondary importance to the vision. The friendship is measured by kindness, respect, thoughtfulness, and humility. Competition, jealousy, and possessiveness are fear based and counter to love. Should such feelings arise, the friend faces the fear responsibly, remembering the vision.

True friends treat others with respect. They do not gossip. They see gossip as undesirable and destructive. Their energies are focused toward helping others.

During times of disagreement true friends do not argue, defend, or attack. They immediately call upon the help of the highest within themselves, listen, and act accordingly. They practice win-win communication and mutual cooperation. Positive problem solving is considered essential. They approach all things with a sense of humor and fun. They are loyal to each other and do not betray each other’s trust. They do not gossip about each other, or justify “playing games.” There is a childlike innocence between the two. They share a sense of awe about all things and they are excited for each other when good things come their way. They do not attempt to control one another. They practice respect for the other’s right to choose on his own even failure. They support each other’s personal growth and spiritual development.


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