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Make A Lifetime Commitment To Personal Growth

What a wonderful gift we have been given in being alive and what secrets we can uncover about ourselves. Every new experience is a new opportunity to learn something about ourselves and our world. One of the most wonderful secrets each of us has to uncover is our greatness. You have a greatness within you, … Read more

The Joy of Self-Discipline

When I was twelve years old I learned a powerful lesson about discipline that has lasted my entire lifetime. Up ’til then I had regarded discipline as some kind of punishment. “You must discipline yourself!” meant to me, “You must punish yourself.” I knew that discipline was important to learn because my parents told me … Read more

Self-Defeating Call To Adventure

Your defenses are your way of surviving in the world. Many of your defenses are actually helpful and allow you to function in a way that keeps you safe and healthy. However, many of your defenses are self-defeating and prevent you from getting what you really want in life. All of your defenses were designed … Read more

Improving Your Relationships With Guided Imagery

All change in your life begins within you. Your desire for something to be better can put into action the elements necessary for change. In relationships remember that you cannot change another, only yourself. By changing yourself, your attitudes, thoughts, and feelings, you can automatically indirectly encourage change in another without them ever knowing. This … Read more

Giving And Receiving – The Breath of Life

You and I have a problem. We live in a world that teaches too little about how to be happy and instead encourages self-indulgence, mediocrity, and instant gratification. We are surrounded by emotional and spiritual immaturity. There is a lack of understanding of how to love and a lack of capacity to take responsibility. Our … Read more