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Yogananda: On Inner Peace

Paramahansa Yogananda is known by many to be a Master. His wisdom and love are legendary. In this series I will comment on some of his quotes.

“Restlessness and noise are two of the most troublesome factors in life, and you must conquer them before you can begin to acquire the inner peace that is necessary to know God. You should choose as quiet a place as possible for your meditation time, and use the same place all the time if possible. Early in the morning before others are up, or late at night when all activity has ceased, are the best times.”

As a therapist I have noticed in many of my clients a restlessness. I sometimes call it “speeding.” A client that talks too fast, moves in nervous quick movements, interrupts, doesn’t listen, and focuses on his or her own agenda is suffering from an inner restlessness that robs them of their peace of mind. Slowing down isn’t easy. Often the cause of such restlessness begins in childhood when becomes very nervous about some condition in the home. For example, never being allowed to express one’s own feelings, thoughts, or needs can cause extreme nervousness. If you are victim of such restlessness consider sitting quietly for a few minutes a day just to “process” your thoughts and feelings. Allow your body and mind to calm down You will find that over a short time you will begin to experience more peace of mind. By the way, yoga can also help since it’s movements and holds require you to slow down.

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