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Help! I’m In Love With My Brother-In-Law

There is perhaps no greater longing than the longing of forbidden love. And because of this longing the lines are all too often crossed causing conflict and heartbreak that can last for a lifetime. Are you caught in the tempting and agonizing lure of forbidden love? Jennifer (assumed name) is. She is head-over-heals in love with her sister’s husband. And this has been going on for years but now the situation is at a dangerous crossroads. Her brother-in-law has known of Jennifer’s “crush” and is now willing to explore the possibilities of having an affair. His relationship with Jennifer’s sister has hit a rough spot thus opening the emotional door for him to act out. Jennifer recognizes this and though she realizes that an affair would be devastating to all concerned she is sorely tempted. What should she do? She has longed for his touch, to be held, and to make love to him for years. In fact she has repeatedly fantasized herself with him. Before giving advice to Jennifer as to what she should do consider this: at the very least if she follows through with her impulse to have an affair with her sister’s husband she assures that she will have placed an emotional burden upon herself and aided in placing an emotional burden on her brother-in-law for a lifetime…not to mention the wave effect of such actions on others. This is not a good thing. Jennifer needs to take close look at why she is attracted to her brother-in-law and why she encourages the attraction in herself. She would do well to seek out professional help to sort out the problem. Perhaps the first thing a therapist would say to Jennifer is to stop fantasizing about him. Fantasy is a powerful way of manifesting reality. The imagination is a powerful thing and will actually help actualize things, make them happen.

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