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Addiction Story: Tahsa Starting A New Life

Tasha was a wild child even into her thirties and forties. She was a party girl and liked to flaunt it. When she met Brad she was totally taken by his charismatic musician life and personality. Brad was also a wild child and Tasha and Brad would take every opportunity to party. Brad drank all day and soon Tasha followed suit. And since Brad has money, a lot of money, they traveled around the world. “Let’s go to South America,” Brad would say and off they’d go. They had a wonderful time, all except Tasha’s two teen age daughters who were often left behind without supervision. Every time Tasha would return home her daughters would argue with Tasha and the sound of anger would echo through the house. Tasha went into a deep depression while her drinking and using of other drugs increased. Tasha hit bottom when one of her daughters had to bail her out of jail for drunk and disorderly conduct. She was humiliated to the core. Tasha realized that she had to do something to save herself and her relationship with her out-of-control daughters. She Broke up with Brad, place herself in rehab, entered serious therapy, and worked on her spirituality. Within a year and a half Tasha had accomplished a great deal and had the beginnings of a healthy relationship with her daughters. Tasha was so inspired that she developed a program to help other women who are caught up in addiction. Her passion for giving to others is strong. Tasha knows that giving to others the help she was given is a vital part of her recovery. She needs her clients as much as they need her.

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