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Addiction Story: Gretrude’s Gambling

Gertrude is one of those people that the casinos love. They give her free luxury rooms, meals, air travel, ground transportation and whatever else she desires. They do all this because Gertrude likes to gamble. She likes to gamble a lot. There is something else that Gertrude does…or doesn’t do. She never ever allows herself to feel her real feelings. Because Gertrude has money she can afford to medicated herself with her addiction just as an alcoholic or drug user medicates themselves from feeling their own feelings. What is the danger of this kind of medication? There are many ranging from broken relationships to poor mental health. When we don’t allow ourselves to feel our real feelings and skate around those that are uncomfortable then we lose our connection to ourselves.

Life is often difficult and challenging. For those who refuse to face life’s ups and downs directly a life of constant running and hiding is in store. The funny thing about Gertrude is that people who know her would say that she is very giving. She makes special little craft and art projects for her friends and talks (mostly about herself) and visits often. Never truly loves. What her friends may  never see is how Gertrude does not truly give of herself, her heart. She never risks her emotions. Deep inside Gertrude is lonely and has spent her life in actively avoiding her true self. What Gertrude may never do is face and feel the pain of her childhood. If she does she will be free of her need to run and hide. It is that simple. If asked Gertrude would tell you that she is happy. In truth she is so separate from herself that she only knows sensation and some emotion that comes with it. She will never know the sweet and soft embrace of love and inner peace. Wake up, Gertrude, before it is too late. It’s safe to face the past and life’s difficulties. You are loved immeasurably by your creator. To know that love you must connect with yourself. To do that you must face the shadows of your past. You will go into a deep well of sadness, shame, and anger but your will rise up filled with joy and peace. And your addiction to gambling will automatically be gone.

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