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Addiction Story: How Dori Got Her Shopping Addiction

When Dori lost twenty pounds she was thrilled. “At last,” she thought, “I don’t have to wear my ‘butt covering’ tops.” So Dori set out to get herself a new pair of jeans. Not just regular jeans, skinny jeans! Standing in the store dressing room she at last zipped up a size six pair of skinny jeans. As she looked at her behind in the mirror she took a satisfied sigh. Then she was hit with the thought, “What if I gain the weight back?” Quickly she dismissed the thought and decided that she would never “eat like a pig” again. She unzipped and went to the check out stand eager to wear her new jeans in public. When she got home she perused her closed and realized that her wardrobe was filled with body hiding clothes, too big tops, jackets, and wrong shoes. Realizing her new body deserved to be adorned  in more cool clothes she headed out to shop again, this time for the right skinny jeans boots. Soon Dori was headed out to shop most days she had time. Boots, booties, boot socks turned into cool jewelry, hot tops, and cool jackets. Over just a period of weeks Dori’s wardrobe was transformed into really fun clothes. Every morning Dori couldn’t wait to get up and decide what to wear. Never mind that her credit card was maxed out or that she couldn’t help looking at the internet for the next cool thing to wear. Deep down Dori was afraid that if she didn’t keep up her buying she would lose interest and she would put back on her old twenty pounds. What Dori needed to do was take a look at the motive behind her previous over eating. If she did that she could find a way to manage her eating while not breaking the bank. But first she had to admit to herself that she had a shopping addiction.

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