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Addiction Story: What’s The Best New Year’s Resolution?

Pam wanted to quit drinking or at least get her drinking under control. She thought that since the new year was arriving soon that she would drink and party to the end of the year and then quit on January first. After a nasty hangover. Well, that’s exactly what happened, at least the nasty hangover part. However Pam’s commitment to quit drinking wavered after several days when her drinking friends asked her over. Pam knew that she would drink since that’s what they did. And she didn’t want to give up her friends. After all, what kind of a friend would she be if she came to visit and didn’t drink? They’d all consider her a good two shoes. No, Pam wasn’t going to risk her friendships. The new year’s resolution was soon forgotten and Pam went back to her drinking.

If you are anything like Pam and want to consider quitting drinking then consider a plan of action. First, admit that you have a drinking problem. I mean, really admit it. Take a look at the price you pay for being a drinker, how much time and money you spend. Think about how often you have poor judgment or arguments or take things personally or are late for work or feel lousy or let yourself or others down. Yes, let yourself get a little upset and even desperate about your drinking. Next, seek support. Go to an addiction expert. Don’t pick new years to quit. Learn about your addiction, why, when, and all you can about your drinking. Take quitting seriously and you will succeed.

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