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Yogananda: Right Attitude For Success

Paramahansa Yogananda, noted for his wise and loving advice, tell us about how to have supreme success in this quote:

“He who is wise does his best to overcome difficulties, but he smiles, first, last, and all the time. There is no better panacea for sorrow, no better revivifying  tonic, than smiles. There is no greater power with which to overcome failure than a real smile. There is no more beautiful ornament one can wear than a genuine smile of peace and wisdom glowing on the face.”

As a therapist I have seen so often clients who indulge in self-pity. I consider self-pity to be a dangerous and fully self-defeating endeavor. It takes you into a no-win and unending downward spiral. Instead I recommend that my clients who are feeling defeated about something in their lives shift their attitude to that of perseverance, hope, and positive outlook. This interprets into an inner smile that will become an outer smile. A smile opens the heart. Just by smiling you shift something within your psyche that opens the door to the positive. A smile affects others in the same way. Self-pity brings on contempt and disgust. A smile and the heat that’s behind it bring on a desire to join and support. Think about what Yogananda says. A smile is a powerful success-maker.

Wendy Hill, MA (PhD 2013) is a therapist located in Encinitas and San Diego. She specializes in hypnotherapy, core beliefs, psychotherapy, and counseling. You can find her at

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