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Win-Win Communication

How and what you communicate may be the most powerful way you determine your happiness. What you communicate to yourself and to others always elicits a response, for better or for worse. Thoughts and words have a tangible energy that advertise your attitudes and feelings. If you come from a self centered “I want what I want and others don’t matter” attitude, no matter how well disguised, it will be perceived and responded to negatively. Learning win-win communication skills is one of the quickest ways to correct faulty thinking and attitudes. Here is the basic rule for win-win communication: What the other person experiences is as important as what I experience. In win-win communication all you communicate must embrace this attitude. If you do then the response you get from others will be positive, even loving. Difficult issues can likely be resolved. Conflicts can be negotiated. You can make a real connection with others that help support a happy life. All this positive outcome creates a happier you.

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