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Spiritual Journey

Any one who has viewed the Joseph Campbell series on PBS television, The Power of Myth, will recognize the profundity of his work and words. As I listen to Joseph Campbell speak of the spiritual journey we all are walking I realize that my work as a therapist and workshop leader is in support of that walk. Joseph speaks of the journey of the hero as the experience of growing from suffering. It’s the finding of wisdom and a sense of connection with our spiritual nature and then returning from the experience and sharing it with others. He says that life is suffering and that love also offers suffering. This, Joseph Campbell says, is the spiritual journey. From pain and suffering emerges our true nature, our true selves as spiritual beings. It is the experience that ultimately offers us bliss and the realization of the path we are to take in our lives. It is the hero’s journey that we are all on whether we know it or not. It’s just a matter of where we are in our realization of where we are.

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