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Willie Meets Riley

Willie has met his match in Riley, another therapy dog. How fun it is to watch the ‘getting to know you’ ritual of Willie and Riley. Willie is a 37 pound labradoodle and Riley is a 20 pound yorkie and chihuahua mix. Riley is a pistol and won’t put up with Willie stealing his kong … Read more

Willie’s Loves

Willie, my two year old labradoodle, comes to work with me every day. His job is to make everyone smile. When someone enters into the waiting room Willie can hear them. He raises his head in expectation, looks at the closed door to my inner office, and then looks at me as though to say, … Read more

Willie’s Seat Belt

With the purchase of a car I have a renewed commitment for Willie to have a seat belt. Visions of having to stuff Willie into some kind of difficult-to-install and too-restrictive-to-enjoy kind of contraption filled my imagination. Nevertheless I took a trip over to PetSmart to check out their doggy seat belts. To my surprise … Read more

Treadmill Dog

When I first got Willie I read Cesar Millan’s book on how to communicate with dogs. One of the things Cesar recommended was to give your dog a lot of exercise and walk him two times a day and if you couldn’t do that to get a treadmill and train him to walk on that. … Read more

Willie’s Sense of Humor

Willie is a wonderful therapy dog with a sense of humor. He comes to my office when I see clients and when a client is happy to see Willie he returns the favor with his eager wiggles and kisses. He will often stop and look around the room for his play toy in hopes that … Read more