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Twenty One Suggestions For A Better Life

Twenty One Suggestions For A Better Life 1

  1. Make a lifetime commitment to personal growth. Be willing to be uncomfortable and experience pain. Be willing to experience happiness and joy.
  2. Keep company with people who share a healthy interest in their own personal growth. Avoid people who are overly negative, angry, fearful, or critical.
  3. Listen to music that inspires you and makes you feel. Sing from your heart.
  4. Take emotional risks in relationships. Allow yourself to be open and vulnerable. Come from your heart.
  5. Keep all your relationships clean. Complete unfinished business. Communicate. Resolve all grudges and conflicts. Tell your truth.
  6. Give to yourself. Give to others. Put yourself out there. Be the first to give.
  7. Do things you always wanted to do. Be outrageous.
  8. Meditate and pray. Keep a connection with your inner spirit.
  9. Keep your home, car, and work place clean. Keep things simple. Don’t live or work in a messy or unclean environment.
  10. Address the things that bother you. Communicate your needs to others. Listen to others. Say what you need. Set boundaries.
  11. Work only in a win-win environment where you feel inspired, can actively problem solve, and where people are of prime importance.
  12. Listen to audio tapes at home or in your car that inspire you.
  13. Take personal growth refresher workshops and seminars.
  14. Play. Let your play be simple and innocent. Play with an open heart. Risk being uncool. Be willing to look foolish or outrageous. Find the joy in your inner child’s playfulness.
  15. Feel. Whatever you do, do it with feeling. Laugh, cry, express.
  16. Commit to whatever you do. Be totally involved in what you do – heart and soul.
  17. Love. Simply love.
  18. Spend quality time alone with yourself without your usual escapes such as television or reading. Allow yourself time to think and feel.
  19. Volunteer your time and skills to some cause you feel passionate about.
  20. Go out into nature frequently. Feel the peace and power of nature. Allow it to connect you with your Self.
  21. Create something new. There is power in invention no matter how simple.


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