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A Vision For Relationships

It is a fact that how you think and what you believe is what becomes. Your thoughts and attitudes have power. They can determine the direction and quality of all your relationships. You can uplift your relationships by uplifting your thoughts and attitudes. “Enroll” yourself to think in more positive ways about yourself and your relationships. If you “enroll” yourself by adopting positive attitudes, it is likely that you will “rise to the occasion.” You will be more likely to say and do things that will positively effect yourself and everyone around you. Positive changes can happen sometimes in spite of yourself. Check out the following attitudes. If you adopt them and “enroll” yourself to act on them, I guarantee you that you will see positive results that will amaze you!

I see all my relationships as harmonious, even the ones that are stressful. I find a way to find peace within myself and strive to bring peace to the relationship. I desire that all my relationships be win-win, and that we be enhanced, supported, and inspired by each other.

I choose to be the one to reach out to others. I will not allow others’ temperaments, blaming, or judgments to deter me. I will share with them my vision and ask them what they want. I will encourage them to share my vision for our relationship.

I will ask for forgiveness when I have made a mistake and I will forgive. I will not live in judgment toward others for their past mistakes. I will keep the door of new possibilities open so they can grow in my presence.

I will always take time to be polite and kind. For example, if I am busy, I will not speak in a hard or hurried voice. I will explain my situation and ask if there is another time soon to talk.

I will process my fear, anger, shame, and hurt by using tools that do not direct blame or harm toward myself or others. I will process my negative thoughts and feelings privately, taking full responsibility for a peaceful outcome.

I will ask for permission to discuss difficult things. I will be the first to listen, then I will tell my needs and desires. I will not deter from facing problems. I will address them with others always telling them of my vision in advance. For example, I might say, “I would like to talk about this problem. Before we do, I want to tell you how important you are to me. I want you to win here, too.

I will always keep open to possibilities for positive change in my relationships. I will express my desire for others to be open to positive possibilities, also. I choose not to communicate with negative ideas. I will not complain about things, though I will address problems. I choose not to burden others with tales of my discomfort physically, emotionally, or mentally.

When someone refuses to share my vision, rejects me, is indifferent to me, or condemns me, I will continue to hold my vision for the relationship. I do not respond with withdrawal or attack. I choose to be pro-active, not reactive.

If someone is hurting me as in verbally abusing me or treating me disrespectfully, I will tell them that I know that in their deepest heart that they do not want to hurt me but that they are. I will ask them to stop the negative behavior and start doing something else. For example, I may ask them to support me instead. I will then ask them if they are willing to do that. If not I will set boundaries. The boundaries may be as simple as shortened conversations or may require my leaving the relationship. I will not use boundaries as a punishment. I will strive to see and understand the wounded child within others. I will always hold my thoughts and heart open to the healing of the wounded child within each of us.

I see all relationships as a vehicle of love. I see the hidden joy of love within everyone. I remember that all anyone wants from me is my love, no matter how well hidden this desire. I treat others as I would like to be treated.


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