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Has Your Therapist Been Through Therapy?

A therapist that has done their own personal growth work is the kind of therapist you want. None of us escape life’s challenges and childhood’s difficulties. A therapist who has taken the time, money, and effort to face and conquer their own dragons is a therapist who is likely to have the courage and personal know-how to help you. They can empathize in a way no other therapist can because they have been through it themselves. They know how scary facing the past can be. They know the ups and downs of being a client. They know the challenges of trusting another and the irrational fears that creep up. Although many therapists are required to enter into therapy to get their license this does not mean they have seriously delved into their own issues and solved them. Ask your therapist if they have done their own personal growth work and then trust your intuition and perception. Your ‘gut’ will tell you the truth. One more thing: no therapist should ask their client to do a process they themselves have not done. Take care of yourself and pay attention. You are valuable.

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