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Self Pity

Self pity is like eating poison thinking that it will make you feel better. As a therapist I’ve found that people who feel sorry for themselves are at high risk for not getting the help they need. Perhaps this is because self pity is backed by the hope that someone will come along to rescue them. They have a basic lack of willingness to take responsibility for their own well being and happiness. Attitude is everything. Life is difficult and offers many upsetting challenges. Our mental approach to life’s challenges is very important. One needs an acceptance life’s difficulties coupled with the willingness to face and deal with challenges productively. By the way, there is a difference between self pity and suffering. Self pity is a failed attempt to avoid life’s sufferings. Instead it simply compounds the suffering and renders you impotent in making things better for yourself. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and face your problems squarely. You will be happier.

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