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The Source of Your Strength

The Source of Your Strength 1YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU KNOW.
Looking up close these tender blossoms are delicate and vulnerable. Yet there is an indestructible and indomitable source from which they come. We humans come from the same source. No matter what happens to us we cannot be destroyed. We are more than our bodies and even more than our minds. We are souls with a mind and a body. We go on. I think there is great comfort in this. Life is difficult and offers us seemingly unlimited ups and downs. During our down times we can remember our true source and call upon that source for strength and wisdom. All you have to do it remember it. Turn your thoughts within for few moments and remember that you are an indestructible soul. Truly it is there for you and is waiting for you to recognize it. Say, “I am indestructible and I am a soul that is forever.” Feel the inspiration and strength flow into your body and mind. You can face anything you need to face. Even death. Blessings.

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