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Hope In Times Of Despair

Hope In Times Of Despair 1Nature teaches us and is filled with messages if we look for them. Nature tells us that there is always reason to HOPE. Although this plant like life can be sharp and hurt you if you let it, it allows the light to shine through.

Life is difficult and has many ups and downs. Sometimes the downs can make us feel hopeless. I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with a terrible infectious disease that may serve to alienate him from any kind of close contact with other humans. He is living in despair believing that his life is going to be lonely and isolated forever. What can be the possible lesson he is to learn?

Do you believe that life’s difficulties are presented to us for a purpose? If my friend believed this perhaps he would be looking for the possible lessons presented to him. As it happens he is moving more into self pity. Yes, it is a terrible thing to be isolated. But what can be learned from this tragic circumstance? I asked him if he has a connection to anything spiritual that can help him cope? His comment was, “I can’t be someone I’m not,” meaning that he doesn’t have such a connection and isn’t willing to open that door. Yet, that may be the very lesson he is to learn. Perhaps his lack of a spiritual connection with himself is the very reason for his diagnosis and consequent isolation. Perhaps his pain will force him to inwardly cry out for help. I hope so. My experience is that when you inwardly cry for help and guidance, it comes. Learning to do this is a lesson in itself. Blessings. Do not give up hope. Even in the most dark of times there is a light to be found. Look for it. Cry out for it from within. You are a child of the universe and deserve to have peace and joy.


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