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Teach Your Children To Trust Themselves

Teach your children to trust their inner spirit and intuition. So many people have come to me over the years with a basic mistrust of themselves. They tell me, “I have make so many mistakes and misjudged people that I no longer trust my own judgment.”  I also hear the phrase, “I don’t know,” all to frequently. The truth is we all do know most of what we need to know about ourselves. Teach your children from the very beginning to look within themselves and listen to their inner voice. Deep within each of us is a knowingness about who we are, what we really need, who we can trust and who not, and a wealth of other wisdoms that are meant to guide our lives. The more you encourage your children to trust their inner intuitive knowingness the happier they will be now and in the future. Too often we look to others for direction to the most important decisions we make in life. The answers to all your questions do lie within. When your child says, “I don’t know,” help them take a moment and reflect until they do have some idea. At the very least teach them to guess rather than live in ignorance. Knowing and trusting ourselves empowers. Empower your children to know and trust themselves.

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