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Parenting Mistakes Weigh On The Heart

One of the most common and agonizing exclamations my clients make after embarking on their own therapy is, “What have I done to my children?!” Once you realize that who you are is primarily a result of your childhood experiences with your parents you become more acutely aware of the impact you have had on your own children. I always answer this heartfelt statement with, “There is no way you can have children and not in some way hurt them.” Parenting mistakes weigh on the heart. We are human beings and we make mistakes. Typically when we have children we are young and are still making tons of mistakes. Most of us are wounded children in adult bodies. It is impossible to avoid passing on our wounds in some way to our children. The best we can do is work on healing our own wounds, forgiving ourselves for the mistakes we have made, and admitting them to our children when they are ready to hear. The more responsibility we take for our lives the more we teach our children to do the same. Our lives are a creation in the making. Do the best you can with your children and heal yourself of your own childhood wounds. Your children will forgive you and learn to do the same.

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