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Specialized CEO Coaching Benefits

Are you interested in executive coaching Not all executive coaches are alike. In fact there is a graduating level of expertise in the business coaching field ranging from those who are wanna-be-coaches and those are highly educated with graduate degrees. And of course there are the “certified by…” coaches. Some coaches are well worth the investment. Some simply are not. So how do you pick a really qualified professional coach?

Consider a coach that specializes in the areas you are particularly interested in finding support. For example, a coach who focuses on leadership presentation and communication may well be worth your time and money. Also, consider a coach that deals with the impact your business has on your personal life and visa versa. A coach who specializes in business and personal relationship communication and negotiation can be life and business saving.

The benefits of hiring a coach that specializes in leadership, communication, and relationships can get to the heart of whatever you need help with. Here’s how: your feelings, attitudes, and level of skill in these areas will determine how people see and respond to you, your level of happiness and satisfaction, and eventually your bottom line profits. For example, if you are frustrated with your direct reports or in a power struggle with your partner in business all your communications will reflect that frustration. That will create a wave affect that will cause anxiety and frustration in others. And others will continue that wave with how they communicate. A coach who specializes in these kinds of people skills can actually save your business and even save your marriage.

I’m Dr. Wendy Hill and I have been in practice as a coach and therapist for over 30 years. I specialize in supporting leaders and high-level business people resolve issues that stem from burn out, overwhelm, communication and relationship issues. A current client of a multi-million dollar business describes his experience as feeling disconnected from himself and simply not happy. He is in burn out and speaks of the overwhelming weight he carries on his shoulders. As we work together his is finding an increased level of re-connection with himself, his marriage, and a sense of well-being.

You are human after all. Why not get the psychological and business support you need.

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