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Business Coach Burnout

Hello, I’m Dr. Wendy Hill. I do executive coaching. My job is your well-being.

My extremely successful CEO client says to me, “I’m 56 years old and I’ve got everything I’ve worked for but I find no pleasure in what I’m doing.” I ask him what he does when gets up and through the day. “I’m on the phone or on the computer all day. I can’t seem to stop even though I have others that will do what I’m doing. I realize I don’t need to work so hard but I feel a weight of responsibility on my shoulders. So many people depend on me.” When I tell him to go on he says, “I don’t know what I want to do with my life. My wife is always angry with me. My children try to help and give me lectures about relaxing. I try to do the right thing but can’t seem to please anyone or even myself. What’s happened to me?”

My client is in burnout. Burnout is a dangerous thing because it can sneak up on you without you realizing it. It exhausts you and robs you of any joy. It’s easy to lose sight of how hard you’re working or how much inappropriate burden you are carrying. Even when you think you’ve had plenty of rest you can feel tired, uninspired. That’s burn out. What you need is not just night rest. You need space and mind rest. You need to get back to yourself, to who you are inside, to who you were when you felt excited just to go to work.

Too busy to take a break? Think the business will suffer without you? Maybe some. But without a happy rested leader at the helm, your business is likely suffering in ways you can’t see. Not to mention your family. Not to mention YOU. So, what was it all about when you started? Think back. Did you do this for the joy of it? Was there not something inside you that wanted to have a healthy challenge? Did you want to help others? Help you, family? Perhaps it’s time to get back to basics. What do you want now?What do you really, really want now? A little soul searching is a good thing.

I’m an executive coach specializing in the well-being of you. Call me to learn about my Breakthrough Session. In just an hour or two, I can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Guaranteed. Don’t wait for burnout to take you. Fill out this executive coaching questionnaire or call me now at 760-994-9296.

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