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The Executive’s Dilemma

You have spent your professional life building a successful business. So now you have succeeded. You have reached a level of success you have always aspired to and perhaps beyond. That should feel great and in some ways it does. But as you look back you can perhaps see the price you and your family have had to pay. So many days, weekends, and nights physically and/or emotionally not available. Fatigue that made you irritable. Your mind distracted by so many responsibilities and decisions you have had to make. Addictive behaviors to compensate for the stress like drinking, smoking, or medications for sleep and too much coffee to stay awake. And the price of all this success is a family and close relationships that have suffered the fallout of disconnection, poor communication, and just not being present. And what about the price you have had to pay? What about the disconnect from yourself? Are you the person you thought you wanted to be when you started out? Are you truly happy? This is an all to common dilemma of the successful business person. If this dilemma resonates with you, you are not alone. Every successful business person has had to pay a price for their success. At some point…perhaps now for you…it is time to take a look at what you can do to create the things that are truly important to you…like connecting with those you care about, finding some genuine peace of mind, and reigniting feelings of youthful exuberance. By now you realize that life is short. Make the best of what time you have left. Keep your hard earned success but now find a way to embrace those things that are truly important. Find a way to love life again.

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