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Anger and Forgiveness

Over the many years I have been in practice I have seen many people who are angry. Some are conscious of their anger and some unaware or unconscious of their anger. Either way they are angry and the anger is causing them untold pain and stress. It has been know throughout time that forgiveness is the key to inner peace. But how does one find peace when you are carrying so much anger? Some say they have forgiven and don’t feel their anger and yet you can feel their anger just by being in their presence. Repressed anger is still anger that stresses the mind, body, and spirit. Repressed anger is dangerous and can cause illness, self-defeating behavior, and even violence. Premature forgiveness can therefore be potentially dangerous in these ways. Unless the anger is acknowledged and released one cannot forgive in a way that is truly a deep down cleansing forgiveness. So what to do? Acknowledge and express your anger in a safe and therapeutic place. I often ask my clients to release their anger through processes specifically designed to release anger. And it works. It can be like a burden is lifted off of one’s mind, body, and spirit freeing them to forgive. When anger is dealt with directly it can be released and forgiveness is then truly possible.

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