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Dear One you just left on one of your many long cruises you have taken. You are headed down the California and South American coasts and through the Panama Canal and over to Florida. You sit quietly as your ship moves through the sea and stops at various ports. You listen to and watch the entertainment, enjoy the meals, and day dream. You are a quiet one and see life through sensitive eyes, often not seeing what really is but what you fear is. Your sensitivity is a double edged sword offering both a connection to that which is intimate and that which is destructive. You have a wonderful way of noticing even the smallest leaf and how it quivers in the spring breeze. In this way you find and share some of the mystery of God’s creation. It’s a pleasing thing to see. But sometimes you see in the smallest detail what can hurt you and you make it real. You take it to heart and live as if it were happening. That  is a sad thing. On this your long cruise I wish for you the joy of seeing God’s creation in its intimate detail and find any challenges an opportunity to understand yourself and grow.

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