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Self-Confidence Booster Engine By R.D. Cooper

We would all like to feel confident, with an ability to believe in ourselves in all situations. Beyond that, it would be great if at least we didn’t become fearful in situations where the fear was actually a little irrational. We’ve all been there. If a less than stellar performance has no real consequence regarding our total wellness, is it worth getting anxious about? What tools are available to us to bolster self-assuredness and performance? Many use imagery or hypnosis.

None of us are really happy about settling for something “less than” our envisioned outcome, so “a controlled case of the nerves” can actually be beneficial. I think that state lets us know that we’re alive, and challenging ourselves to be something more. Almost everyone I know has also had times when fear and anxiety pre-empted their ability to perform. And I guess I actually question those few who have told me that they’ve never been nervous in their life. That “never” is just not something I can identify with.

Isn’t it easy to spot that special aura of self-confidence in some people? You just know nothing is going to hold them back from attempting anything. Of course extremes in either direction aren’t healthy. There are times when confidence could be more appropriately labeled stupidity when the consequence of failure could be serious injury or death. I recall a friend who as a young man decided to dive into a shallow pool of water. Adding to the challenge was the need for a running start to clear rocks in front of the water. I’m glad he was confident. Supreme confidence properly applied equals dynamic outcomes.

Many people lack self confidence because they worry about how others perceive them. Self-doubt emerges as we “listen to the voice in our head” tell us we’re not up to the task. The lack of confidence and self-image that doesn’t support us contributes to passive behavior and relationships suffer. In the workplace, those with high self-esteem are eager to learn and seem committed to excellence.

If you’re one who struggles to “believe in yourself”, please understand there may be a success strategy that you haven’t considered. I know many who are constantly searching for their solution, attending seminar after seminar only to shortly be right back where they started. Self-improvement junkies have the best of intent, but haven’t been granted access to the controls.

Confidence or lack of it in a particular situation can be rooted in early events that are now flying “under your radar” in the subconscious mind. As such, I think you’d agree that it’s impossible to alter a course or change something you don’t see. Like a low-flying stealth warplane about to exact damage on you, those self-defeating beliefs from high-impact moments produce triggered high-impact thoughts. The “bombs” will continue to impact your ability to confidently compete.

An accomplished hypnotherapist can guide a subject by asking the right questions that permit access and the uncovering of those unconscious events that we unknowingly permit to control our present lives. Certain behavior patterns in your life will trigger your state of confidence. Those events can be reprogrammed to appear on the radar screen of our consciousness. That permits reasonable balanced decision-making in which fear is diminished by recognizing that each of us possess unique abilities and confident delivery of them provides purpose. Hypnosis can be the booster engine that keeps us flying high on life.

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