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Six Secrets For Super Self Esteem – Secret Two

Welcome to the Six Secrets of Self Esteem – Secret Two. Secret number Two has to do with self esteem through responsible and empowering communication with others. How you communicate to others has a great deal to do with the quality of your life experience. Others respond to your attitude and how you express yourself.  A positive attitude and direct and kind words tend to bring a positive and helpful response. This in turn allows you to solve problems and negotiate your needs in a timely and positive way. That in turn makes your feel good about yourself because you feel you are the captain of your own ship. People who do not take a stand for themselves, who leave decisions up to others, who make others guess what they want and need seldom get satisfaction.

Secret Number Two: Ask yourself what you want and say it. As you can see the first step is to communicate with yourself. Many people don’t know what they want and as result suffer the consequence of others making important decisions for them. Set standards for yourself. Know your boundaries. If you don’t know, then go within yourself for a moment or two and ask. You’ll eventually get clarity. Then simply say it. Don’t shirk if what you want means you must confront another or say something you think may not be acceptable. Life is full of uncomfortable moments and people who will take advantage of you. Learn to face your fears. Then say what you want directly, kindly, and with an even temper. You will find that your self esteem soars as a result.



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