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Six Secrets To Super Self Esteem – Secret Five

Secret five to super self esteem: love what you do.

Love what you do. What you truly love comes from deep within you. What you love has nothing to do with sense pleasures or instant gratification. Too many people fill their lives with pointless activities seeking pleasure from shallow sources that bring only temporary comfort. Seek to have joyful meaning in your life. Make this a priority. Many seek to fulfill some imagined obligation or expectation from others. Others think that what they love is making money, going on vacations, partying, buying things, or seeking comfort through attaching to another person.  Non of these are things that you love. You have deep within you a love. To follow that love is one of your reasons for being here.

What you love springs from a peaceful joyful play within you. It calls to you and in spite of it’s challenges you regard it as something worth sacrificing for. Remember that all things of real value require a sacrifice. But don’t worry. When you are doing what you love you will not feel cheated. You will feel blessed.

Start with a little dream. If necessary go back in time to your childhood dreams. In those old dreams are seeds, truths about what you love. A love you had forgotten. A feeling of pure joy, hope, and fun. Listen and trust what your heart tells you.

Find a way to put it into your life. Start as a hobby or something you visit from time to time. Then let it have its way with you. If it’s truly yours it will call you and seduce you into its embrace. Let yourself be seduced. It will feel right and having it in your life will increase your self esteem.

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