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San Diego And Encinitas Hypnotherapy: Natural Ways To Heal Depression Step Two Regression

What is regression therapy? And why even bother doing regression therapy? These are two questions people who have depression have asked Wendy Hill, MA at San Diego and Encinitas Hypnotherapy many times. And they are two great questions you ask especially when so many therapies focus only on what is going on in the present, only brushing up against the past  in a limited way. First, regression therapy as presented at San Diego and Encinitas Hypnotherapy focuses on allowing the subconscious mind through a light stage of relaxed hypnosis to reveal your unhealed high impact moments in childhood. Don’t worry whether you can be hypnotized or not or. That’s never the issue. As long as you have a desire to heal, can close your eyes, and you talk you are a ready. It’s easy. By regressing back to your unhealed high impact moment in your past you have the opportunity to heal them. Left unconscious they still run you in the present. So the best way to have a healthy happy present is to heal your past. The subconscious mind doesn’t have a sense of time. Everything in the subconscious mind is in the here and now. Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Regression can open the door to great healing. Here is an abbreviated chapter from my book, The True Seeker’s Guide To A Better Life, named Your Original Programming. If you really want to understand why we do regression read this.

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