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San Diego And Encinitas Hypnotherapy: Natural Ways To Heal Depression Step One Regression

I, Wendy Hill, MA. at San Diego and Encinitas Hypnotherapy know that most people are looking for a natural way to heal depression. Over the over thirty years I have been in private practice countless people have called me and said either that they are on medication for depression and want to get off of it or that they have depression and don’t want to take medication for it. People are looking for a natural way to heal depression. At Advanced Hypnotherapy and Counseling I have been treating depression with a combination of hypnotherapy, hypnosis, psychotherapy, and counseling. This is how it works. With my special processes you can identify the original, core cause of your depression. It goes way back, sometimes to childhood or even earlier during infancy. Many people cannot remember much about their childhood. This is why hypnotherapy is so valuable. Through the process of regression you can bring into your conscious mind the memories you need to heal. Once you do that you can release the forgotten emotions that have been pent up in your  psyche for many years. When you do this then you automatically become free of the depression. This series of articles will explain the why’s and how’s of healing depression the natural way.

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