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San Diego And Encinitas Advanced Hypnotherapy: Valentine’s Day Prayer and Message of Love

Here is our Valentine’s Day prayer and message of love from San Diego and Encinitas Advanced Hypnotherpay: Dear Great Spirit Within, may I become awakened into the reality of who I truly am that I may live in the consciousness of unconditional love. May I come to the realization that I and all human beings have within them the Divine. May I realize in every fiber of my being and awareness that I am that which is Divine. May I in this realization overcome all my fears of pain and death. May I live to love and give joy and a blessing to myself and to all who greet me.

Wendy Hill, MA, the therapist at San Diego and Encinitas Advanced Hypnotherapy believes that it is essential to combine the spiritual with the psychological for real personal growth to occur. She bring both aspects to her practice in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. She believes that it is possible to experience unconditional love. She believes that at its core, love if what heals. Love is all we want. Love is what makes us feel safe and give meaning to our lives.

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