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San Diego & Encinitas Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Secret to a Happy Marriage

Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in San Diego and Encinitas at CentrePoint, Inc. with Wendy Hill, MA, PhD offers the secret to a happy marriage. What is that secret? Very simply, it’s knowing and loving yourself. Most of us are unaware of who we are, what we really need and want, and how to get it. We seek happiness in a variety of ways most of which are not going to lead to happiness. We tend to avoid who we really are because to know who we are we have to face the pain of what hurt us in the past. Psychotherapy combined with hypnotherapy with an additional spiritual component can help you come to know who you are, what you want and need, and the ability to express yourself in a loving way. Your mate will automatically respond to your new self confidence. The wonderful thing about this is as you learn to love and respect yourself more, your mate will also do the same if you are connected in your hearts. It’s a win-win proposition. Everybody wins. So, consider taking that little first step today. Make a call to Wendy Hill and find out what it takes to learn the secret of a happy marriage. Make your first stop at her website at

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