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Helping Stress in San Diego and Encinitas

All of us need help with stress from time to time. For over thirty years I’ve been helping stress relief in San Diego and Encinitas. As you probably already know too much stress over a long period of time can be a killer, literally. In fact, you probably know someone who is seriously ill or even possibly dying from a disease caused by chronic stress developed over the years. Sometimes the disease look simply like a medical condition that the sufferer was unlucky enough to get. However, many diseases are generated by an on-going stress in life that the individual isn’t even aware of. Certain stressful habits of thinking, feeling, and acting can be so old that the individual doesn’t even regard them as stressful. Here’s an example. Sue needs a lot of control in all aspects of her life. She has five children, a demanding husband, and a large extended family. All her life Sue has been one to keep a close watch and hand in all things family. He must have an opinion about whatever someone is doing, deciding, or facing. Sue tends to think of herself as a giver, always there for everyone. However, her need to control has driven her to a habit of chronic worry and stress. Just recently Sue at the age of fifty-eight was diagnosed with a serious form of cancer and is dying. Sue in a conversation with a friend recently admitted that her constant need for control may be the underlying cause of her disease. My friend, please consider your life habits seriously. Look to see if you place upon yourself undue stress and do something about it. It could save your life.

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