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San Diego, Encinitas, and Carlsbad Hypnotherapy: Natural Ways To Heal Depression Step Four

Depression plagues a high percentage of people in the world. San Diego, Encinitas, and Carlsbad Hypnotherapy knows that  people are looking for natural ways to heal depression. Depression is the cause of most addictions, broken relationships, and unhappiness. You don’t have to take drugs to deal with depression. Drugs don’t heal depression. They simply “depress” it. There are natural ways to heal depression through hypnosis and regression. Here is the true story about Tanya. Tanya drank wine daily to deal with her depression. On week ends she thought of her drinking as fun partying but in truth it was a desperate attempt at escape her emotions. Finally she realized that this way of dealing with her depression was going nowhere. She made an appointment with me and soon she was regressing back to her childhood to find the root cause of her depression. During this process she discovered, actually re-remembered, an incident when she was six. She was in the kitchen with her mother when her father came home in a rage, which he often did. Her mother and father argued at length then her father went to watch television. When he left the room mother reached up into the cupboard and brought down a bottle of red wine. She poured herself a big glass and said to Tanya, “Sometimes a girl needs a little help to get through the day.” Tanya took to heart her mother’s witless advice. Tanya was able to trace back other times when she saw her mother avoid facing her feelings and her marriage and drank. Once Tanya saw this she was able to re-think how she would react to the stresses in her own life. This moment was an important one for Tanya. She began to feel her feelings. With a little more therapy Tanya’s depression lifted.

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