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Willie Helps With Social Anxiety Treatment Hypnosis In Encinitas and San Diego

Willie, almost three, Australian Labradoodle, sleeps after his grooming to prepare for helping clients who may need treatment for social anxiety with hypnosis in Encinitas and San Diego at CentrePoint, Inc. It’s a rare thing that someone doesn’t like dogs. Even those who say they don’t care for dogs seldom can resist Willie. In fact, people have “cute attacks” over Willie where ever he goes. When I went to adopt Willie the woman who handed his little furry body to me almost cried. “He’s the cutest puppy I’ve seen in a long time. And I’ve seen a lot of puppies.” In my office at CentrePoint, Inc. Willie knows when someone is in the waiting room and looks eagerly at the door awaiting my permission to go out and greet my visitor. I want to make sure my guests are OK with having a blond pup wiggle his way to them. Usually after the therapy session starts Willie retreats to his special corner unless my guest insists he stay and get a belly scratch. Over the past almost three years since I adopted Willie I have seen people nervous about coming to a therapist’s office instantly relax when they see Willie. This sweet dog always give the message that things are safe and OK. After all, those of us who love dogs know that people who love dogs have that special spark of compassion. That’s what I want my clients to know. That they are in a safe and compassionate place.

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