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Rise Above the Drama

Dear One we all are faced with the ups and downs of life. Life is filled with conflict and drama and we can sometimes take a terrible ride as life seems to batter us about. People, changing circumstances, the economy, our health, lost loves, just change in itself can take us on this bumpy ride. One of life’s lessons is to learn to rise above this drama and connect with something that I call the “evermore” within ourselves. That “evermore” part within is the part that never changes, It is joyful, loving, and gives us with a perspective that allows us to feel safe no matter what. It is your anchor. If on a daily basis you go to this part of yourself and spend some time there you will build a connection that will become a part of your conscious mind. It will help suspend you above the drama of life’s ups and downs. Even just a moment remembering this part of yourself can uplift you and give you the courage and perspective needed to face any problem. Remember that you are “evermore” and though you are in a body, you are not your body. You are a child of God and will always be loved and safe in that reality.

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