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Rule number one if you want to achieve something in life: have passion. When it seems all is hopeless passion will get you through. It gets you through the disappointments, the hard-to-do work, the rigors of learning something new that’s difficult, other people’s doubts and warnings, and your own fears. So make sure that whatever you choose to do with the big things like career, avocations, relationship, and health that you are passionate. You must really like it. Really like it. In fact, when you think about it your heart rate should go up. If you can’t find something that does that for you then stop and consider why. We are all born for a purpose. You are in touch with that purpose when you feel passion. Please understand that I mean passion in a good way. Not the passion that comes with hate or resentment. Passion that comes with love is an indication of your true purpose or calling. Some people know their calling very early in life. Even though they may not know what it is exactly, they can feel it. Some people need a little time and more often than not, painful experience to discover their calling. Whatever be your path choose with passion. Your life will have purpose and you will experience a deep satisfaction on your journey.

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