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Self Discipline

When you were a child did your parents set healthy boundaries and enforce them? Were you allowed to get away with things you knew you shouldn’t? Were your parents discipline? Were you punished unfairly? Did you go through a strong rebellion period when you were a teen? How you answer these questions may give you some insight as to your level of self discipline. Do you do what you tell yourself to do? Are the things you tell yourself to do good for you or self indulgent? Healthy self discipline can give your life structure and freedom at the same time. Your childhood circumstances have a great deal to do with your ability to structure your life and the degree of freedom you feel as a result. If you had a childhood that didn’t teach healthy self discipline you are probably suffering as a result of that in your current life. Anxiety, depression, addiction, and conflicting relationships are some of the symptoms poor self discipline. Truly successful people have developed self discipline. They know the joy that comes from the freedom healthy self discipline gives. Learn healthy self discipline and you have a strong foundation to build a happy life upon.

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