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Myth About Childhood Pain

“Time heals all wounds,” is a myth, “He’s just a child. He will forget. It’s OK because babies don’t remember ,” are all myths.  The quote should instead be, “Time can repress all wounds but the wounds remain deep within.” From the time we are but a tiny fetus inside of our mother’s wombs we have consciousness. We experience pain and pleasure. All experience from the womb on is held in the subconscious mind and is processed by the body. For example, if a child is left unattended too long he will become frightened and feel unsafe. Those feelings are experienced in the body and become a part of his definition of himself. All experiences create patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior and continue to influence us for our entire lives. Childhood trauma no matter how trivial it is perceived by the adult mind is still trauma to the child and can become a scar that persists influencing all his perceptions. Experiences that are perceived by the child as traumatic can have devastating affects lasting a lifetime. These facts can leave one feeling hopeless and despairing about repairing childhood damage. However, there is hope. Through the process of hypnosis regression one can go back to one’s high impact moments of pain and can upgrade, heal, and transform the abuses, dismissals, neglects, and the forgotten pain of childhood. In my practice of many years as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist I have specialized in transforming the subconscious self-defeating core beliefs caused by childhood pain. People’s lives get better in the present. It can seem like a miracle and in a way it is to me. To see people’s lives become joyful, positive, and loving is wonderful.

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