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Is My Mother Narcissistic?

In recent years I have had an increasing number of clients ask the question, “Is my mother narcissistic?” There is an increasing awareness of the damage a narcissistic parent can do to a child. Narcissism can be severe or less severe. Since we live in a predominantly narcissistic society in America (and in other cultures in the world) it is typical for most people to have some narcissistic tendencies. Here are the earmarks of narcissism: a sense of entitlement, a lack of compassion for other’s feelings or experience, often a charming public personality with a critical private personality. The narcissistic mother competes with her daughter and is threatened by her daughter’s successes. She tends to undermine her daughter’s success through overly strict boundaries and criticism. A narcissist is concerned about what others think of them and to get approval will put the needs of others above her own children’s needs. Often the narcissistic mother will enroll her children to take care of her. She may demand their attention and services requiring they cater to her needs. Her children’s needs often go unnoticed or trivialized. Her wants, desires, and needs are of primary importance. Narcissism is born of a deep sense of worthlessness and the narcissist spends her life attempting to compensate. The damage done to her children can be devastating. Learn more about narcissism in following blogs.

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