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Milton Erickson Wisdom – Inner Child

In the time I enjoyed Milton Erickson’s company and teachings I was most deeply impressed by his intuitive ability to know where we humans “live.”  By this I mean that he knew how vulnerable we all are deep down and he knew that vulnerability is the forgotten child within each of us. He knew that our experiences as a fetus, infant, and child are fully contained in our subconscious memory. He knew that conflicts left unresolved from our early years run us for the rest of our lives unless brought into consciousness and somehow healed. He was creative in how he set out to solve the problem of how to reach those memories and how to upgrade and heal the self defeating core beliefs taken on at that time. He encouraged the use of imagination and freedom of choice. For example, he taught me how to help a client in hypnosis “parent” his own inner child, giving all the love, perspective, guidance, play, and protection that child had missed in his “real” life with his parents. Early in my practice I began to experiment with this and the use of imagination combined with more of Milton’s perspective of healing. I was astounded and joyful at the results. Over the years I have come to hone Milton’s processes and customize them to each client. I am forever grateful to Milton.

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