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I’m Not Sure I’m In Love in San Diego & Encinitas – A Therapist’s View Three

Are you not sure you are in love in San Diego and Encintias? Here is article three of this therapist’s point of view for you to consider. We talked about arranged marriages like in India and the American way of thinking about love. Well, you don’t have to be Indian to have a good marriage. But the Indian culture does have an ingredient that all too often American relationships don’t have. That ingredient is the commitment to some spiritual (or religious) practice. It turns out that what bonds a couple most securely is that spiritual practice. So perhaps being in love with someone isn’t as important as this spiritual commitment. Human love is conditional. When things change, as they will always do in any relationship, then there is disappointment and the relationship is challenged. However, when there is a spiritual commitment to something higher than the relationship itself then that spiritual commitment will help guide the couple through all kinds of changes. When you are interested only in your well-being and yes, even the well-being of your partner but you do not have a spiritual practice to guide you then you are vulnerable to problems that you may not be able to solve. Love of a higher power first has always proven to be the real saving grace in any lasting relationship that is loving. That love of a higher power has the ability to sustain us through all kinds of life’s twists and turns.

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