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I’m Not Sure I’m In Love in San Diego & Encintias – Therapist ViewTwo

Are you not sure if you are in love or in like in San Diego and Encinitas. Here is a therapist’s question. I want to know your opinion on this subject of love. Joseph Campbell said that when you meet the right one you know it immediately at first sight. Do you think that’s true? In India where marriages are arranged by older family members love isn’t always there at the beginning. But statistics show that arranged marriages last longer than traditional Western Civilization marriages. Often the couples learn to love and respect each other in ways we  Americans tend to miss. Why do you think that is? What do you think they know that we don’t? Perhaps it has to do with the East’s commitment to spirituality. For many couples that comes first. Perhaps that commitment bonds them and gives them guides for wisdom and giving to each other. Perhaps the fact that in many Indian marriages the couple lives for each other, not just to please themselves. So, is being ‘in love’ really as important as we here in America think it is? There is an old song with lyrics that go like this: “What is love? Five feet of heaven and a pony tail. The cutest pony tail that sways with a wiggle when she walks.” Is it possible that in our American way of thinking of love that it’s physical attraction first then hoping the rest will follow? What’s your opinion?

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